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January 14, 2013
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Smearette(in human form) and Minty by ArtisticPages Smearette(in human form) and Minty by ArtisticPages
Smearette [link] and her pet bunny Minty.

i REALLY wanted to draw her in her human form but actually didnt know what she would look like. i knew she would have pigtails but i didnt know what kind, high pigtails, low pigtails, buns, so in the end i just did... what ever style this was. had no idea what to do with her nationality. i think her nationality was norwegian so im sticking to that but i dont think most norwegian have such dark skin. her outfit is cute, little jacket, cowboy boots, overalls-skirt thing i dont know what its called, the bow things to rep her ear colors, just sweet with a hint of tom boyish.

minty looks better than the firth time i drew him(ps dont ask y a fox has a rabbit as a pet, in the world of my characters rodents arnt sentient while animals like cats and dogs r. magical creatures r the exception) he looks cuter(not sure if hes cute enough for a 5 year old but what ever) than before. he looks really annoyed, minty hates being carried but endures it for armor dog(long story, ask me in the comments)

smear was SOOOOOO small for me, i never drew a character as small as her or younger than 12. shes looks 5 doesnt she?

gonna draw a human minty and fox smearette later

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